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May-June 2016


Newsletter of the Chesapeake Sailing Club

Calendar at a Glance
    June 6 - Upper Bay Cruise
    July 23 - Mikes North
See the detailed Cruise Schedule

Commodore's Report
Liz Cingel, Southern Lady


We are sorry to hear that the Weinfelds and Barnards have decided to not renew their membership in the sailing club. They have been members for a long time. The Singermans have decided to sell their boat and move on to other things in their lives. We wish them well. The Forces moved to Niceville, Florida and are keeping their boat at Sailing Emporium marina so we hope they will join us on some cruises this year. So you can see our membership is dropping. We need new members.

We look forward to seeing Gaynor and Paul Barradell upon their return from their waterway trip. They spent the winter in Florida and are on their way back now. Hope they are not in North Carolina right now while tropical depression Bonnie is visiting that area.

Vice Commodore's Column
Sue Whaley, Trinity

Hello fellow CSC'ers,

Well this has been a very slow start for Trinity's sailing season. She is on the hard getting her hull cleaned and painted. Because of all the rain we've had this spring the marina has fallen WAY behind in their schedule. Trinity should be ready for sailing early next week, I hope.

Now for the club’s news.

Because of conflicting schedules and the dwindling numbers of active members I consulted with Commodore Liz and we made an executive decision to move the club Business meeting/Picnic from Aug 20th to Sept 17th to coincide with the annual Crab Cake Picnic at Sailing Emporium. Hopefully more members will be able to enjoy the Crabs and fellowship then.

I'd like too also remind everyone of our planned July 23rd Water/Land Cruise to Mikes North (Crabhouse) Restaurant, Rock Creek. We are looking forward to seeing you all there.

Trinity and crew are looking forward to lots of raft-ups with fellow CSC'ers this summer and Fall.

V/C Sue

Fleet Captain's Report
Dave Nance, Ariel

Now that the spring weather has passed, it is time to start planning for our first cruise, not withstanding that there is a tropical depression threatening to mess everything up along the east coast. Just watch the weather closely.

The "Upper Bay Cruise" begins June 6 with the first days sail to Bodkin Creek. See the Cruise Schedule tap on our web site for the full schedule. With several of the anchorages having restaurants close by, the fleet can plan among themselves for evening out meals or happy hour on an agreed boat.

Ariel is still on the hard while the crew recuperates so we will have to sail this cruise vicariously. I have heard from several of you that you also have conflicts and cannot make this cruise, so I will leave it up to any and all that do make the cruise to communicate with each other to make plans.

I will be watching for you on the various wi-fi harbor cams so look sharp while sailing by.

Dave Nance
fleet captain

Webmaster and Editor
Frank Cingel