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October 2015


Newsletter of the Chesapeake Sailing Club

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    Oct 10 - Bodkin Creek
    Nov tbd - Dinner Out - Dave and Janet host
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Commodore's Column
Glenn Whaley, Trinity


What an incredibly great September we've enjoyed! Besides the end of the summer cruise, there was also the annual Crab Cake extravaganza at Rock Hall followed by the fall cruise. It's almost enough to make you wish it would just stay September all year!

Mucho thanks to V/C Liz for her exceptional choreography of the Crab Cake feast and kudos, too, to Dave and Lois for running interference at The Sailing Emporium for us. Not to mention the wonderful late-season tomatoes Lois scored for the picnic. Speaking of food, besides the crab cakes which were grand on their own, everyone pitched in with more hors d'ouevres, sides, and desserts that any 16 people should eat at one sitting. So we didn't -- many took at least something home. Speaking of 16 folks....

The attendees this year were (by boat): V/C Liz and Frank Cingel, Treasurer Dona and Jim Force (who brought along Pat and Karen Vaillant as their guests), Jim and Sandy Saxton, and Trinity (Commo. me, Sue, and Skittles). Coming by car were Bill and Sandy Stine, who are currently sans boat (but we're hopeful they will return to the boating fold soon!). And then, of course, there were the locals: Dave Nance and Lois Carey, and Mal and Anne Marie Singerman. A very nice turnout. And the weather was perfect for the occasion. As it was for the cruise that followed. Speaking of which:

On Sunday, after we had recovered from the Crab Cake Feast, three of us launched the annual Fall Cruise from Rock Hall. Southern Lady (the Cingels), Aerander (the Saxtons), and Trinity (the Whaleys) headed south to the Chester River to enjoy a few days underway. Well, sort of. We got as far as Queenstown and anchored in the beautiful harbor there and decided to stay as the winds were to be strong and not favorable for going anywhere useful. So that's what we did. While the guys went fishing, the ladies (and Skittles) either visited, read, or just relaxed.

The fishing was pretty good, too. If you like white perch, that is. And we do. As it turned out, we ended up staying in Queenstown for all three days due to the contrary wind and so feasted on pan fried fish (thanks, Sue!) or fish cakes (thanks, Liz!) during buffet dinners held onboard Trinity two of the nights we were there.

But all good things come to an end. On Wednesday, we all headed out and that day enjoyed a great sail with the 10-15 kt NE wind from the mouth of Queenstown Creek all the way to the mouth of Forked Creek in the Magothy. Now that's a week of living to remember!

So when's our next cruise?

Vice Commodore's Report
Liz Cingel, Southern Lady


We had perfect weather at Sailing Emporium marina for the crab cake picnic on September 19 and that made up for all the 90+ degree days this summer. Fall is my favorite time to go sailing and my favorite time of the year - cooler weather.

We look forward every year to visiting Sailing Emporium marina and having the picnic there. Sixteen people enjoyed the delicious crab cakes, Eastern Shore corn on the cob, and tomatoes. Thanks Lois for preparing the delicious tomatoes. The marina is filled with pots of gorgeous flowers and when I look at them I think of all the work required to care for them and how much pleasure they bring to people who keep their boats there and to the visitors. The staff is so cordial and helpful every time we visit. It was great to have Sandy and Bill Stine with us for the picnic. We miss you so buy a boat and join us next year. Thanks to Lois and Dave Nance who helped me organize the picnic.

Now on to the next "dinner at a restaurant". Janet and Dave Ewing will host us to dinner at Eastport Yacht Club on a date to be determined. I will send out an email as soon as we set a date. Guests cannot park in the EYC parking lot so park on the street. After I announce a date let me know if you plan to attend since reservations will be made.

Fleet Captain's Report
Dave Nance, Ariel

The late summer cruise, starting in August, continued into September with the fleet separating during the last week due to heat and broken body and boat parts. A smaller fleet continued south in the last week as Ariel and Southern Lady retreated to the north.

The fall cruise departed Rock Hall after the World Famous CSC Annual Crab Cake Feast. Southern Lady, Trinity and Areander sailed away for anchorages off the beautiful Chester River, enjoying a week of beautiful weather.

Ariel is now being readied for its annual winter wrap up while we dream of land cruises to the west.

See everyone in the spring.

Cruise Report-

The Late Summer Cruise (Part Deux)
Glenn Whaley, Trinity

Fleet Captain Dave gave a great summary of the first part of the annual late summer cruise in the last newsletter. At the time of his writing, the flotilla was visiting Oxford. Although it's a sleepy little town, it was a really fun visit. So to continue the saga...

It was a glorious Sunday evening, August 30. We all enjoyed supper at Schooner's Restaurant in Oxford followed by ice cream at Highland Creamery, reportedly one of the best ice cream places on the East Coast. Not sure how you judge that, but we all agreed it certainly was good stuff!

The next day, the flotilla of four boats (Ariel, Southern Lady, Tieve Owna which had rejoined the fleet in Oxford, and Trinity) sailed to La Trappe Creek, just up the river a few miles. It was a short trip, but a great sail with a nice NW breeze. The next morning, which was Tuesday, the Cingels and Nances decided to slowly head back north and home while Tieve Owna and Trinity chose to go back south and stay out awhile. In fact, after getting underway, the latter two boats headed across the Bay to the West River where Bill and Sandy Stine were heading by land cruiser to meet up with Mal and Anne Marie. They needed some time on the water. Since parting with Whistwind earlier this year, they seem to be undergoing sailing withdrawal symptoms so this was an opportunity for a Bay fix . They joined up with Tieve Owna and we all enjoyed happy hour and supper on the boat for a very pleasant evening that went well past dark.

After an overnight stay at Hartge's Marina in Galesville, we got underway and headed for Solomons again to join up with Mary Jo and Toby on Circe who had continued south earlier. We caught up in Back Creek, north of Zahniser's, and had a three-boat raftup. The seven of us enjoyed happy hour on Trinity and a nice enough Wednesday evening, although it was a bit on the warmish side. A captains' meeting decided that Cambridge would be our next stop, with follow on plans to head up a few creeks for a few days. But when we realized how hot and humid it was promising to be for the next couple days...

...We ended up staying put at the Cambridge Municipal Yacht Basin for both Thursday and Friday nights. It was a fun, lazy time of morning walks for breakfast and coffee, walking around town, reading, or tinkering with boat stuff. (Never any lack of stuff to tinker with on sailboats!) Tieve Owna and Circe got underway in mid-morning, but Trinity dallied a bit so Glenn could go on the weekly historic tour of High Street in Cambridge. It's always a pretty section of town to walk through, but who knew that some of those houses date back to Revolutionary War days, or that one of the early houses had been brought down by barge from Annapolis? Anyway, Trinity did finally get underway and joined up with the other two boats in Baby Owl Cove (just off Leadenham Creek, which is off Broad Creek, off the Choptank). We like out-of-the-way coves. Especially pretty ones. And while we were there, Roger and Sue Brown, friends of Mary Jo's, met us at anchor on their boat Dancin' Downwind.

On Sunday morning (Sep 6), we all weighed anchor and headed back to the West River to drop off Bill and Sandy in Galesville. Well, at least Tieve Owna did, before her final trek home to Rock Hall. The other three boats hung a right and anchored just off what used to be High Island in the Rhode River instead. Glenn and Skittles went fishing and caught a good bunch of white perch that were all "keepers." So for breakfast on Monday, Labor Day - and the last day of our cruise - Sue fixed a fish feast for everyone. It was great, with enough for everyone. Thanks, Sue!

After our late breakfast - no one was in any hurry to leave - we finally got underway and headed home with a pleasant S breeze. It was one of those fun cruises we didn't want to see end, even though it was over two weeks long. Although it was warm for parts of the trip, we had ready marinas available to tuck into and avoid the heat and sticky. And although there wasn't as much wind as we would have preferred for most of the cruise - typical summer weather in the Chesapeake, of course -- it never rained, not even once, the whole cruise. No hurricanes or nuthin'.

Thus ended the CSC 2015 Late Summer Cruise. Does cruising get much better than that?

Webmaster and Editor
Frank Cingel

As boating winds down, non-boating activities take over. Trouble is we have members that don't spend the winter locally so winter activities are curtailed. Which means there's also less to write about for this newsletter. So to make it easier on our officers (authors) expect fewer issues. I'm thinking every other month.