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June 2015


Newsletter of the Chesapeake Sailing Club

Calendar at a Glance
    Jun 7 - Start of Spring Cruise - Tilghman Creek
    Jun 19 - Long Weekend to Inner Harbor
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Commodore's Column
Glenn Whaley, Trinity


Now that the sailing season is finally upon us, there are some tales of raftups and other seafaring adventures in the air. See V/C Liz's and Mary Jo's columns below. Looks like our summer is off to a great start!

To date, Trinity has not been been able to go CSC-ing yet. We did have a shake-down cruise, though, from the Magothy to the Severn to watch the Blue Angels during USNA's graduation week which was wonderful. We'd never seen the show from the water before. If you were on shore, you might have seen us -- we were the ones on the white sailboat. Oh, sorry. There were probably about 300 of those out there that day. Plus some blue ones. And another few hundred power boats. But it was still fun -- at least it was for Sue and me.


For Skittles, not so much. F-18's heading straight up on afterburner right over our boat were not her favorite thing. They had our poor pooch a pitiful puddle of puppy protoplasm on the poopdeck after their first pass. She thought it was particularly unkind of them to then go on and make about three dozen more passes before finally going away. We think she'll be fine in time, but then she's just now starting her therapy sessions.

Poor Skittles hasn't been the same since that thunderstorm last time the CSC went to St. Michael's. Remember that story? If not, you can ask her about it on the Spring Cruise. Speaking of which, aren't we going to St. Michael's early in the cruise?

Please don't tell Skittles!

Commodore Glenn

Vice Commodore's Report
Liz Cingel, Southern Lady


We had a southerly wind Sunday so Southern Lady sailed to Swan Creek to join the Forces with grandson Kelton on board and Mary Jo Harris with her son Andrew and his girlfriend Kristina on board. The Nances were joined by the Singermans on Ariel and came for happy hour on our boat then returned to the marina. It was great to have Anne Marie and Mal back. Discussion followed about sailing plans for this summer and all of us are looking forward to the summer cruise. We had a windy night but the anchor held and everyone departed for home Monday morning.

We had dinner recently at Mike’s Restaurant, White Rocks Marina on Rock Creek, and the food was great. That is our destination for dinner on July 11. They do not take reservations on the weekend but it will be helpful as we get closer to that date to know who is coming so we can get a table large enough for everyone. If you cannot come by boat then drive over. Mike’s Restaurant is located at 1402 Colony Road, Pasadena. Their menu includes crabs, sandwiches, a nice selection of salads including an all you can eat salad bar, and the usual seafood and beef selections.

There is free dockage on B pier while you dine at Mike’s but you must leave after dinner. You can take a slip, plug in, turn on the air conditioner, and stay overnight. If interested in an overnight slip contact White Rocks Marina and Boatyard at 410-255-3800. The slip rate is $1.00 per foot which includes electric and water and they take VISA, Master Card and American Express credit cards. Tar Cove is nearby and has decent depths for anchoring and we have anchored there before. But when I asked the dock master where we could tie off if we came in by dinghy she indicated there is no place. That's one way to get everyone to take a slip.

More eating - the crab cake picnic will be held at the Sailing Emporium Marina on Saturday, September 19. The caterer (Shelia) will provide the usual crab cakes and corn on the cob. I think Shelia will be able to provide Eastern Shore corn since we are having the picnic one week early to ensure we get local tomatoes and corn. If you want to make a slip reservation call the marina at 410-778-1342.

Cruise Report-

The CSC Memorial Day Weekend
Mary Jo Harris, Circe


A light South breeze on Saturday helped me find my way to Saltworks Creek by late afternoon. Annapolis, where I paused for fuel, was hopping. But Saltworks was serene, and the Powers' new Mainship was already secure on a mooring. We passed a very pleasant evening and a cool night.

Bales of wind were forecast for Sunday, so we were off the mooring early to beat the worst if it. As it turned out, the wind june1.jpg was not vicious, and the current was with me as far as Love Point. The weather was beautiful and the four hours to Rock Hall went too fast.

In Rock Hall I picked up my crew and my dinghy before heading over to Swan Creek for rafting with the Cingels and partying with the Nances, the Forces, and the Singermans. It was a good start to the 2015 sailing season. And it was followed by a spectacular Monday for day sailing across to the Patabsco and back.

Webmaster and Editor
Frank Cingel