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August 2015


Newsletter of the Chesapeake Sailing Club

Calendar at a Glance
    Aug 7 - Rhode River
    Aug 22 - Business Meeting
    Aug 23 - Start Late Summer Cruise
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Commodore's Column
Glenn Whaley, Trinity


CSC Trip to Rock Creek (July 11-12)
It was our first soiree -- at least our first water-borne one -- since the spring cruise. And it was a whole lot of fun. There were five boats with eleven of us, plus two who made the trip by land cruiser, to Mike's Restaurant in Pasadena. It was a no-wind, motoring kind of trip which tends to happen this time of year in the Chesapeake. But then thunderstorms tend to happen too this time of year. But they didn't this weekend. So altogether that made it a rather nice time on the water.

It really wasnít all that much of an adventure, truth be told, but it did have its moments. The club hadnít visited White Rocks Marina before, and the boats coming in sort of had an adjustment to make. For instance, there weren't any dock hands to tell you where to tie up. The guidance was sort of, "Find a place that doesn't look like it has a boat in it and adopt it for the weekend." How about paying for the slip you take? "Just call us later and tell us that you came by. Oh, and let us know how long your boat was and stuff. We'll take it from there." As you can gather, it is sort of a laid back place. Since the office closes early on Saturdays, it was good that at least some got there early enough to borrow the key since the shore power towers were locked shut. It would have been on the warmish side that night for those who like the A/C on if we hadnít gotten around that one. But it all worked out fine.

So here's the roster of players for the weekend: V/C Liz & Frank Cingel, Mal & Anne Marie Singerman -- badly missed after a long absence from the seaway -- Jim & Sandy Saxton, Commo. Glenn & Sue Whaley, Mary Jo Harris with son Andrew and friend Christina, Jim & Sandy Saxton, and their friends (and new members as of this trip ) Paul & Gaynor Barradell. After chilling out for awhile at the pier, we all converged on the restaurant for some pretty good eats. The service wasnít very fast. Actually, it was slower than that. But seeing as no one was in the slightest hurry, that really didnít matter so much.

After din-din, almost all of us mustered on Tieve Owna for an impromptu happy hour of sorts and chatted until well after dark. Fun times! And most of us did it again the next morning, this time on Trinity but with coffee instead of wine and cognac. More fun times! Afterwards, we all slowly left the marina and moseyed back to our respective home ports.

It was a good weekend rendezvous and a fun mini-cruise. Looking forward to more of the same, summer weather permitting, in the weekends ahead!

Vice Commodore's Report
Liz Cingel, Southern Lady


Thirteen people attended the dinner at Mikeís Crabhouse Restaurant North in July including Paul and Gaynor Barradell who are friends of Sandy and Bill Saxton and now new members. Welcome aboard Paul and Gaynor.

It is time to eat again - CSCers enjoy doing that. Iím sure you read in the previous newsletter about the upcoming annual business meeting and picnic on August 22, 2 PM, at Belvedere Yacht Club in Arnold. We will have an early dinner or late lunch followed by the business meeting and new officers will be voted on so plan to be there - volunteers are needed. We will have the usual fried chicken from Grauls and everyone should bring an appetizer, side dish, or dessert to share. Please bring enough food to serve 8 people and also bring serving utensils for your dish. The sailing club will pay for the chicken and drinks. Let me know what you will bring so we donít have too many desserts. The sailing club will supply wine, Killians beer, ice tea, soda, and water.

If you want to come by boat we will try to accommodate you so let me know as soon as possible in order to let Belvedere's Fleet Captain know slips are needed. Another option is to anchor off the yacht club and dinghy in. Commodore Glenn says Trinity will be glad to have someone raft off and use shore power.

More eating - another favorite annual event is the catered crab cake picnic at Sailing Emporium Marina on September 19. I will put more information in the September newsletter but make your own slip reservation and I suggest you make it early. Call the marina at 410-778-1342 to make a reservation.

Fleet Captain's Report
Dave Nance, Ariel

The July cruise to Swan Creek was a success despite my dire prediction of miserable July weather and the poor holding conditions in the creek. Four boats, Trinity, Tieve Owna, Eternity, and Ariel braved my forecast and the reduced duration of only one night in the creek.

Trinity reported that two boats, Aerandir and Meridian, did not pay any attention to my fear of a bad Friday night and went out anyway. But just in case I was right, they only sailed part way to Swan Creek and spent a comfortable Friday night in Broad Creek, joined by Trinity. As a precaution they passed on sailing on to Swan Creek on Saturday, just in case.

The next cruise is scheduled for August 7-9 to the Rhode River for two nights. Look for my email about this. I promise not to express any opinion about this location.

Webmaster and Editor
Frank Cingel