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    April 17 - Winter party - Dave and Janet Ewing host
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Commodore's Report
Liz Cingel, Southern Lady


We will be busy getting our boats ready soon for cruising this summer. Frank and I look forward to joining CSCers at anchorages this summer - so call us. Although the Forces have moved to Florida we hope they will join us on cruises and raftups this summer since they are keeping their boat at the Sailing Emporium Marina and will join the Nances and Singermans there for the summer. Dona and Jim, wish you well in your future endeavors.

We had such a good time at O'Loughlin's Restaurant and going to the Paynes' house for dessert in February (delicious desserts). Since we enjoyed O'Loughlin's Restaurant so much we went there again in March with Richard Payne, Ewings, Whaleys and Cingels. Thanks V/C Susan for setting it up. I hear another dinner is planned and V/C Susan will tell you about it in her article. Speaking of V/C Susan it is good to know that she is improving since her foot surgery and has a boot now although she still uses her cart with a very loud bell. Lois Nance had hip replacement surgery earlier in the week, was sent home the next day (that was fast), and, per Dave, her spirits are much better since the pain she has been living with for the part eight months in gone. She starts a more rigorous therapy session daily for a month to get her back in shape. They may return to the Bay earlier than expected. Get well quickly ladies.

Webmaster Frank has the sailing club website up to date with dates for a July 23 dinner cruise to Mike's North Restaurant on Rock Creek, our annual business meeting/picnic at Belvedere Yacht Club August 20, and a cruise to Sailing Emporium on September 17 for our popular crab cake picnic. This club likes to have dinner out - no cooking on our boats. Check out the new covered patio and bar room at Belvedere when you arrive August 20.

Vice Commodore's Column
Sue Whaley, Trinity

Hello Ya'll, it's getting close to boating season. Yeah! Our boats are mostly thawed out and waiting for their intrepid captains and crews to get the un-winterizing (Is that even a word?) started.

In March, our local CSCer's docked our land cruisers at O'Loughlin's again for another evening of delicious food and story swapping. Attending were Commodore Liz and First Dude Frank, V/C Sue and Treasurer Glenn, Richard, and Dave and Janet.

Now on to our shore adventure, our final event before we're sailing: Our April Land Cruise is going to be hosted by Dave and Janet Ewing at the ever popular - Eastport Yacht Club, on Sunday the 17th of April at 5:30.

Please RSVP to me as soon as possible for an accurate head count. We are looking forward to seeing you on the 17th!

Your fearless V/C,
Sue ~~ /)*~~

Fleet Captain's Report
Dave Nance, Ariel

In the last newsletter I noted that a study indicated that the location of the Prime Meridian in Greenwich is not in the right place. Well, that could be the reason that in December the Ohio-class submarine USS Georgia ran into the sea buoy marking the St. Mary's entrance channel in Florida. The boat is now in dry dock undergoing evaluation of damages. The sea buoy is still on station.

I can't wait for the cruise happy hour when Glenn can tell us how this can happen to one of his former boats!

Having just returned from the snow covered high deserts of Texas and New Mexico, it is hard to feel warm and think of sailing, but spring is here (in Texas). The trees are turning green, the Azalea's are in bloom and the birds are passing through on their way North. It is time to start thinking of all the projects to be done so that our boats will be ready for a summer of sailing and cruising.

Ariel will be delayed this summer while my co-skipper recovers from hip surgery. We hope to be sailing again during August. Meanwhile, I will continue to send out e-mails about up coming cruises. I hope everyone enjoys the summer.

A Note from the Treasurer
(as Glenn has relieved Dona of her awesome burden):

Glenn Whaley, CSC Treasurer

Just a gentle hue and cry that 2016 dues are due. Please don't let the dew dampen your resolve to stay part of the crew. Nothing new here to spew: Avoid the queue and hew a check to me for $30, ye who do what Is true, and shew the few who linger what brews anew for those who sail the blue. Do eschew the stew of bidding adieu to the CSC and, without ado, accrue the glue of fellowship in our zoo!

If you didn't view a personal email from me a week ago, you are through; but who I threw a note to, in a woo to renew, please avoid the miscue of losing CSC hues by rejoining the crew. Please do not construe my purview as verbal kung fu; rather, I pursue only to keep strong the CSC milieu J.

And with that, I am through. (Whew!)

A bunch of our members have moved to Florida and points south. They sent this picture! The parties continue! Do I see that "wish I was back on the Chesapeake" in their eyes?


Webmaster and Editor
Frank Cingel