Chesapeake Sailing Club

New Memberships -
Anyone owning a sailing yacht or interested in sailing may be admitted for membership, provided they are sponsored for such membership by a Club member in good standing.

Anyone who's interested in joining CSC that doesn't know anyone in the club is welcome to come to a few get-togethers in order to get to know people in the club before joining.

Please Include a check for $30.00 to Chesapeake Sailing Club. Add $18.00 if you would like a burgee.


-print and send to:
   Glenn Whaley
   566 Wayward Dr
   Annapolis MD 21401

Captain's Name: ________________________________

Mate's  Name: _________________________________ 

Street Address: ____________________________________________________

City: ___________________________ State:____________ Zip: __________

Home Phone: _________________________

Mobile Phone: _______________________

Email Address: _____________________________________

Boat Name: _________________________   Sail #:______________________

Boat Make/Length: __________________________________

Home Port: _________________________________________

Sponsor: __________________________________________